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1 × Candle Holder

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5 × Candle

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1 × Music USB Stick

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The kit consists of one Light Vortex card, one square glass candle holder, five candles that each have a duration of four hours and one Music USB stick (MP4).


The Light Vortex card is placed near the bedside table or chest of drawers in the bedroom, or on the table or piece of furniture in the room where you stay. To improve the night’s rest and the tranquility of the environment, the candle holder is positioned so that the light of the flame radiated from one of the vertexes of the candle holder illuminates the teal part of the card. There is also a USB stick with some music tracks, some of which made through a collage of classical musical compositions, which thanks to the numerous tests conducted in the last ten years; it has been successfully verified that they help to create a harmonious and welcoming environment . MP4 tracks can be played freely with mobile phones, tablets, PCs and Smart TVs. The candles must be of white wax, and are commonly available on the market.

2 reviews for Kit LIGHT VORTEX

  1. Paola

    da quando ho messo il kit in casa mia si percepisce una sensazione di leggerezza e freschezza che prima non percepivo e mi e stato confermato dagli amici quando vengono a trovarci tutti mi dicono che percepiscono come una leggerezza che a casa loro non hanno

  2. Elvira

    da quando abbiamo installato il kit in casa ce un altra armonia e soprattutto una leggerezza che mi viene difficile da spiegare ma che ci rende piu sereni e le discussioni tra noi sono quasi sparite ora difficilmente ci si arrabbia ma si parla

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