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It represents a drop falling on a mirror of water, with a purple background that blends with the green water. There is a properly programmed central lens, and one optical circuit. This optical circuit is activated by the ambient light of the sun.
It is used in: cars, hotels, bedrooms, workplaces, offices, bars, restaurants, public transport, public places, etc…

Dimensions 8,6 × 5,4 × 0,06 cm


For optimal functionality, it is recommended to illuminate its surface by exposing it to direct sunlight for a couple of hours; at least once a week. At the end of the illumination, its surface should be treated with the AQUA-9 Lavender Spray. Let it dry and position the Light Vortex card as follows:

  • On the desk or on the table in case of meetings and work meetings; placed on the white side, oriented so that the green water side is facing the user.
  • On the bedside table or on a chest of drawers in the bedroom, preferably illuminated, oriented so that the green water side is facing the bed.

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