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It represents Newton’s color disc with the seven fundamental colors that are generated by the decomposition of a ray of white light that passes through a quartz prism. There is a specially programmed central lens, which emits ultra-weak IR fluorescence which is activated by ambient sunlight.
The Water-B LEC card is used positioned on the bottom of a cylindrical bottle (or glass) of transparent glass, into which common drinking or bottled water is poured. The IR Fluorescence that is emitted allows to obtain Activated Water called LAW (Light Activated Water), which has a more pleasant taste from that of origin, in line with what the scientific community defines as “Structured Water” or Activated Water”

Dimensions 8,6 × 5,4 × 0,06 cm


For optimal functionality, it is recommended to illuminate its surface by exposing it to direct sunlight for a couple of hours; at least once a week. At the end of the lighting, its surface should be treated with the AQUA-9 Lavender Spray. Leave to dry and place the above objects on the tablet. <- Read More ->

2 reviews for WATER-B card

  1. Piero

    Uso la tessera da un mese circa, ho avuto diversi benedici, tra un effetto diuretico inaspettato. Grazie

  2. Elvira

    Io ho preso queste card Water ….e la card Objects sono ampiamente soddisfatta….

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