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It’s built with 4 Water-B LEC cards arranged symmetrically on a Newton color disc divided into four quadrants. There are 4 positions for treating 4 clear glass cylindrical bottles containing water. After at least 36 minutes, the water inside the bottles changes thanks to the energy supplied by the ambient light (illumination ≥600 Lux, even in the presence of clouds) through scattering phenomena, to organize themselves into clusters within the physical limits represented by the specific energy of the wavelength of each photon. With this tablet, the water can be activated with different fluorescences, depending on the quadrant in which the bottle containing plain water is placed, contained into a glass bottle. Consequentially the 4 activated waters have slightly different taste.

Dimensions 33 × 24 × 1,25 cm


1In position 1 there is the green quadrant: this section allows to activate the water and characterize its organoleptic properties which differentiate it for a taste, which recalls the water of a «mountain stream». From tests carried out since 2017, drinking this water after wake up in the morning, facilitates diuresis, and allows to feel a better energy level to face the working day.

2In position 2 there is the yellow-orange quadrant: the organoleptic characteristics of this water differentiate it for its taste, which seems lighter than the originary water. From tests carried out since 2017, this water seems to facilitate the recovery of both human and animal organisms (cats, dogs and horses), from mild seasonal disturbances such as rhinitis, and allergic syndromes; especially during the spring with the flowering of the main plant species. The flavour is very light compared to the originary water.

3In position 3 there is the purple quadrant: the organoleptic characteristics of the water change clearly, especially in terms of taste and smell; it is lighter and tasteless. From tests carried out since 2017, drinking this water before going to sleep facilitates sleep and night rest.

4In position 4 there is the blue quadrant: drinking this water facilitates the digestion, and it is also highly appreciated by cats, dogs and horses. The taste of this “blue” water is slightly sweeter than the originary water.

For optimal functionality, it is recommended to light the tablet surface by exposing it to direct sunlight for a couple of hours; at least once a week. At the end of the lighting, the tablet surface should be treated with the AQUA-9 Lavender Spray. Let it dry and then use the tablet as described above.

1 review for WATER-B tablet

  1. Giovanni

    Ho acquistato il Tablet water da più di un mese. Beviamo acqua giornalmente io e mia moglie. I risultati sono strabilianti. Non possiamo più farne a meno.

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